30 July 2009

Back with a Vengence (and some changes)

(Father), it has been approximately seven months since my last post.

I have decided to take WMotL live again. My absence was originally unplanned, the result of an increasing workload at home and at the office. However, as the months passed and I reflected on my dormant blog, my failure to post became more deliberate. I actively declined posting, even after the suggestion of my wife and friends that I pick it up again. This decision was only in part due to the many other things that were calling me away from the keyboard-- a new (and growing) child, a new home, a new city, a new job (my first real one!) and my need for a period to sort out how all of these priorities would somehow fit together. The other factor is that I was much less interested in what I used to blog about. This blog was originally conceived as a Mormon blog, a blog for Mormons (and interested non-Mormons) by a Mormon about Mormonism. Though I occasionally branched off in my posts, the Mormonism-related content continued to be the heart of WMotL. However, I came to a point where I felt that I had little original or worthwhile to contribute to those conversations which take place elsewhere in the "Bloggernacle."

Consistent with those conclusions, I have proposed to begin posting here again, but with a few changes. Whereas I estimate that 90% of my former posts were somehow Mormon-related with 10% being entirely unrelated, I intend to approximately reverse that proportion. I anticipate that the large majority of my posts will in the future be politics- or current events-oriented. Given the still-existing time constraints, these posts will generally be shorter, perhaps more frequent, and hopefully more timely and interesting. Given this focus, I may look for opportunities to cross-post elsewhere and find new ways to publicize this blog in non-Mormon fora. I hope that my old habitual readers will continue to follow what goes on here and comment actively.