17 August 2007

Next Apostle?

Any hardy souls willing to speculate on who might be the new Apostle called to replace the recently deceased Elder James E. Faust?

Who becomes the next Counselor in the First Presidency is not really interesting to me. It will almost certainly be one of the existing Apostles (though I am aware that it technically does not have to be), and I don't think there will be much shaking up.

However, my short list for next apostle would be:

1. Merrill J. Bateman (because being president of BYU seems to put you on some kind of short list)
2. Richard Bushman (my dream pick, but slim-to-none actual chance; he may actually be able to do better not being an "official" voice of the Church)
3. A non-white male (anyone will do- this would be my other preference, though I will sustain whoever is called)

Any other ideas?


  1. I've got my money on one of the seventies from Central or South America.

    Well, I don't actually have my "money" on anyone, as Mormons don't gamble.

  2. My dream pick: a woman.

    Well, we know this isn't going to happen, eh?


    Good to have you back, Adam! Justin and I are coming up to Durham this weekend and hopefully we will see you guys! He had heat exhaustion a couple weeks ago in training and so he won't go into the field again until October.

  3. Hey man, my hope is a non-honky from any continent besides North America. If they chose an African-American, however, I would be just as pleased. Sorry we didn't get together last weekend. I'll give you a call soon.


  4. I don't see how you can say that you will sustain whoever they call without even knowing who it could be. If you sustain blindly, then doesn't that take away the purpose of sustaining in the first place? Why even have a sustaining vote if it's a foregone conclusion that everyone will sustain the man they call? Only dictators encourage and engage in such faux elections.

  5. I would like to see a trifecta of someone who is a convert (I hate the notion that converts aren't real Mormons), not natively from the USA (currently not is even better - we strive to be a global religion right?), and is non-white (preferably African descent to put to rest rumors that the LDS Church is still racist).

  6. Well when I say that I would sustain whoever is called, I don't mean that I would sustain a known pedophile or adulterer or some such person. What I mean is that my decision to sustain a member of the Quorum of the Twelve is not dependent on the person fitting my aspirations for where that person is from.

    But I agree that I would like to see a non-white, non-American. I am a convert, so that would be nice, but it is not high on my list.

    Also, if you plan on commenting in the future, please at least give some kind of name, even if it isn't your real one. Totally anonymous commenting and blogging is not really welcome around here. It lacks accountability.

  7. I'm rooting for Yoshihiko Kikuchi. He's been a Seventy for 30+ years--and he's still young (mid 60's).