14 July 2008

Profile of Elder Christofferson in Duke Law alumni magazine

This came in the mail last week.  See page 43 for a profile of Elder Christofferson.  There is not a lot of new information here, but it was still cool to see an article devoted to an apostle in a publication from my school.

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  1. I looked for an email address but couldn't find one, so I guess I'll just leave a comment here. I read your profile and saw that you're moving to Texas. You're going to LOVE Texas. (Maybe depending on which part of Texas you're moving to, but we love San Antonio, and we've been here almost a year.) So welcome, or better yet, Howdy Ya'll, once you get here. There's a joke I just read in some book that you should never ask a man which state he's from. If he's from Texas, he'll tell you soon enough. If he's not from Texas, you don't want to embarrass him.

    If you have any questions, my email is cleancutlds@gmail.com. I'd love to hear about your wife's Ph.D in religion experience--I'm assuming from Duke as well. That's one of my interests once I finish my MPA--getting a Ph.D in religious studies. It's just something that fascinates me and I'm always thinking about it...