03 January 2013

The Nightstand (Dec 30th)


What will we smuggle in the future? Drones, coal and honeybees (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog)

Universities won't go bankrupt, but they might lose money (Matthew Yglesias, Slate Moneybox)

Signs of Changes Taking Hold in Electronics Factories in China (Keith Bradsher and Charles Duhigg, NYT)

The economics of gun control (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog)

Heirs of Mao's Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility (Bloomberg)

The Myth of American Meritocracy (Ron Unz, The American Conservative)


Five myths about charitable giving (Ken Stern, WaPo)

Philanthropy: You're Doing it Wrong (Felix Salmon, Reuters)


Let's Give Up on the Constitution (Louis Michael Seidman, NYT)

Georgia's Hunger Games (Neil deMause, Slate)

The economics of gun control (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog)

The GOP's 1 Trillion Dollar Lie (Joshua Holland, In These Times)


Hawaiian History, Colonialism, and the Polynesian Cultural Center (Amanda, Juvenile Instructor)

Asking Hard Questions of a God Who Weeps (Emily Belanger, Peculiar People)

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