24 July 2007

Living a life of conscience

The BYU-Dick Cheney controversy is old news now, but one of the people who many of us heard a lot about during those weeks was Diane Bailey, president of the BYU Democrats. I imagined (and it was later confirmed) that she endured a great deal of social pressure and unpleasantness because of the stance that she took. I wanted to send her an e-mail thanking her for being willing to give a voice to what many of us who are members of the Church, but are not currently affiliated with BYU, were thinking at the time. As part of the e-mail I said something that sounds roughly like the following:

"Though I am constantly challenged by other members of the Church about my political principles, I feel that liberal principles and the platform of the Democratic party are my best opportunities to live a live of conscience within the Church"

I am sure that it was even less eloquent than above when I originally typed it in my e-mail, but that was the gist of the thing. I believe that espousing liberal principles is most fully in harmony with the values of Mormonism, even if it clashes with the political beliefs of most of its members and leaders.

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