19 July 2007

An open letter to Micheal Bay

For those LDS bloggers who are following along, please bear with me for this detour into popular culture:

Dear Mr. Bay:

Congratulations on making a terrific movie (Transformers)! I can hardly tell you how excited I was to be one of the first members of the paying public to see it. For the most part, it was the movie I have been waiting my whole life to see. I have a couple of minor issues of disagreement with your interpretation of the source material (Optimus Prime does NOT have lips; Megatron does NOT look like that) but I guess it could have been worse.

I do have one concern that I hope you might address in the future. As I was watching the movie, I noticed that seeing my first Transformer transform on the big screen was no big deal. Even seeing OP for the first time was kind of a blah moment. After I had been waiting so long, why would this be? The answer: Marketing. There was no sense of wonder in seeing OP for the first time because I had already seen him do that trick about 100 times in the previous month. If you do a sequel, I would beg you to preserve some surprises for us. I wanted to feel the boyish wonder of seeing one of my heroes for the first time on the big screen, but it just wasn't there. Now, before you get all defensive, I know that this is not entirely your fault. Those crazy guys in marketing will do anything for a buck. But you are the big dog, man! Exercise that Hollywood influence! Give 'em hell! See you at the first showing for Transformers 2,


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