28 December 2007

I can't keep up....

While I have been in my exams and over the past couple weeks of vacation, it seems like every day brings a new news item on the Romney campaign front. First there was the Huckabee "Jesus-Satan are brothers" insult, and the subsequent apology, and all the commentary that followed. Now there is a story out that seems to suggest that Romney does not believe that God has spoken to man since Moses, with the exception of a few others.

I don't want this blog to become a wholly political one, and so I will not even try to keep up with all the daily happenings on that front. Although I hope that Romney makes a good showing in order not to embarrass the Church (though I do not want him to win), part of me wishes he would just get creamed in the primaries and drop out so we can all do the requisite post-mortems on what went wrong. I have to admit that I am a little surprised that he got this far, but I am still confident in my earlier position that there is no way he can get the GOP nomination, much less win the presidency. However, I am aware that some bloggers on other sites are more positive about his ultimately receiving the nomination. Anyone want to take the odds on the month that Romney drops out? My bet is for February, after Super Tuesday.

If Romney does in fact drop out after not receiving the GOP nomination, it would be a shocking indictment of how much the Republican movement has been taken over by the Christian Right. Romney is getting many of the important endorsements, even from those candidates who are dropping out of the race, like Tom Tancredo, from important conservative publications like the National Review, and from other conservative luminaries such as failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. If he can't win with those, it will be all about the Christian Right.

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