01 January 2008

Read this.

Go here. Read (especially the paragraph beginning "Our possessions are a metaphor, then, for our inability to practice empathy....") (Channeling Linda Richman) Discuss amongst yourselves.

I wish I had run into this a couple of weeks ago. As it is, in the aftermath of Christmas and New Year's, reflect on how we spent the season accumulating more stuff we don't need. Think and say a little prayer for those who don't have enough of what they need.

Ed. note- For those who don't know, Ashley Sanders is a recent graduate of BYU, one of the organizers of last year's Alternative Commencement, and an intern at Sunstone. She has one of the most thoughtful and eloquent voices in the Bloggernacle and her episode of Mormon Stories' Spirituality of the Rising Generation series is a must-see (along with the other episodes in that series).

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